Chairman Message

The Laurel House School & College has been an immense source of learning for the youth of our locality for last 16 years. Novelty, diversity, hard work, passionate advancement and adapting to the latest trends and technology are uncompromisable values of THE LAUREL HOUSE SCHOOL & COLLEGE.

This campus is comprised of well equipped and trained faculty, co-operative staff, healthy study patterns and richly livable campus life.

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, now THE LAUREL HOUSE SCHOOL & COLLEGE has again taken a great step to once again revolutionized the education industry of this area. Another mile-stone in this regard, is the establishment of THE LAUREL HOUSE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, which is an international standard institution and the best of all in the current scenario among the local institutions. THE LAUREL HOUSE COLLEGE is a unique institution offering most modern infrastructure, latest labs, rich library, very distinguished faculty, highly cherished campus life and more attractive facilities.

It has been our top priority to have close linkage with parents, civil society, institutions and industry for the uplift of our system and in order to contribute for the betterment of environment around us. THE LAUREL HOUSE SCHOOL & COLLEGE has produced well groomed, polished and equipped human beings who are real proud and asset of us.

THE LAUREL HOUSE SCHOOL & COLLEGE has very aspirational, challenging and welcoming atmosphere and moreover its learning culture empowers not only the vision of students but also enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of faculty along with students.

THE LAUREL HOUSE SCHOOL & COLLEGE is hallmark of excellence for which we are striving all the time. LAUREL HOUSE is the name of Quality, Loyalty, Hard work and a competitive and co-operative drive which has always come up with innovative output.

THE LAUREL HOUSE SCHOOL & COLLEGE is a land of opportunity and success which has very widen scope, we focus on the superior returns to our stakeholders and enhancing the well being of our communities. We are very much concerned about the careers of our students and faculty, therefore such structures, patterns and methodologies have been devised, that working along these streams enrich and flourish their knowledge base, given them a practical approach and a sense of achievement.

Here, in THE LAUREL HOUSE SCHOOL & COLLEGE, we work not only on the literary lines but also we focus a lot on learning through extra-curricular activities. Many attractive programs and healthy activities are designed and executed with full strengths, so that our students have diversity of knowledge and experiences which they enjoy, live and execute throughout their lives.

Let us rise, shine and grow along THE LAUREL HOUSE SCHOOL & COLLEGE, visiting us will certainly change your mind optimistically.
Looking forward to welcome you as future student. It will be our pleasure to develop and maintain sound professional relationship, benefitting both of us.
Wish you good luck.

With Sincerity,
Hafiz Muhammad Siddique